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Planning & Designing

LIVAURA leads a comprehensive and cooperative approach to planning, design and construction excellence in creating  well-known architecture design catering to the specialized needs and taste of the target market. Right amalgamation of innovation, co-operation and interaction to convey state of the art luxury environments!


Construction & Exteriors

LIVAURA incorporates and implements latest construction technologies and tools to deliver unprecedented construction projects matched with superior strength, durability and accessibility. Our multi phase construction planning and consultations is aimed to provide state of the art exterior solutions.


Interior & Decor

Fuelled by our unmatched creativity and innovation, LIVAURA is committed to deliver unique, functional and out of the box Interior and Decor solutions. Our interior design process follows a proper and composed technique; including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the inventive procedure to fulfill the customer’s needs.



  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

LIVAURA believe that Consensus yields positive results. Our Planning and Designing phase includes multiple levels of consultations, meetings and feedback’s to incorporate the views and ideas of our staff and clients as well. Each and every idea, input and feedback is carefully examined with keeping the client in the loop as necessary. We strive in building a level playing field for our staff by establishing superior communication and meeting channels. All this resulting in a stable decision making.

Our dedicated designers are focused in establishing firm design concepts that are subjects to further reviews and consultations until finalized. These documents highlights the initial concept design ideas to a detailed visual walkthroughs that can be pitched to our clients for their inputs. Our ideas and concepts are elaborated after performing necessary steps like site appraisals, approvals and reviewing necessary outline specifications.

This phase incorporates all our finalized concepts and ideas. Our creative team headed by our lead designers implement the finalized design concepts by designing and creating interior and exterior environments customized to the needs and taste of the clientele. This phase includes consistent communicating with the stakeholders of a project followed by the management and execution of the design. We believe in keeping everyone in loop for optimum delivery of results.

Livaura’s competent and well equipped engineering and construction staff follows a comprehensive approach for an efficient construction/installation process offering clearest contractual remedies and responsibilities. We believe in providing un-compromised and quality building and installation solutions in due consideration with project cost and full schedule control to effectively deliver cost effective quality project within reasonable delivery schedules.

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